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Have you seen an alien?


The EASIN Citizen Science activities aim at bringing together people, scientists and policy makers in an effort to monitor and control invasive alien species (IAS) that cause damage to native species, ecosystems and human’s health.

IAS are non-native biological organisms (plants, animals and others) that are widely spread, including in urban environment. Timely reporting helps to prevent their further spread; thus, people’s contribution is really important.

This course aims at raising awareness, increasing knowledge and involving the public in monitoring IAS in Europe, promoting people’s engagement in IAS management, and supporting the implementation of the EU Regulation 1143/2014 on IAS, which prioritizes the alien species to be controlled at EU level through the implementation of a set of measures.

The online course will also target teachers who seek expert knowledge on biodiversity and want to give their students the opportunity to experience citizen science activities. The access to this course is free, open and accessible to all stakeholders and people interested in the topic.

Target audience

Science teachers, high school students and the general public.

Enrol: EU Academy

Training for IAS


Test your knowledge on invasive alien species and freshwater ecosystems! This game offers a learning tool with some fun to teachers, students and everyone interested in biodiversity. Explore and match the correct information in the cards with the pictures and share your results with other players!

Level 1 (beginner): Identify invasive alien aquatic and riparian species in Europe and link them with their natural distribution.

Level 2 (intermediate): identify invasive alien aquatic and riparian species in Europe and link them with their characteristics, natural distribution and potential ways of introduction.

Would you like to know more about invasive alien species and nature protection? Enrol in the "Have you seen an alien?"online course at the EU Academy to learn, debate and explore additional resources to work with teachers and students.

Have you seen an alien? game

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